Primarily known for her bold use of slightly exaggerated color, paint strokes, and play of light, Bonnie’s work is still based on classical elements of design. Her approach is purely emotional, an ever changing endeavor to turn light, color and form into mood and meaning.

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The Passageway
"The Passageway"
Tuscan Morning
  "Tuscan Morning"
Lake Como Italy 
"Lake Como, Italy"
View of Villefranche II
"View of Villefranche II"
Villa in Roussion 
"Villa in Roussion"

Tuscan Landscape 

"Tuscan Landscape"
Tuscan Farm 
"Tuscan Farm"
Walker's Landing
"Walker's Landing"
Sunflowers, Symbol of Peace and New Life
"Sunflowers, Symbol of Peace and New Life"
Tuscan Farmhouse
"Tuscan Farmhouse"
Spring in Tuscany
  "Spring in Tuscany"
Italian Rooftops
"Italian Rooftops"
Marsh View
"Marsh View"
Sunlit Steps

"Sunlit Steps"

Vineyard Farm House
"Vineyard Farm House"
Morning Sunflowers
"Morning Sunflowers"
 Red Roofs and Vineyards
  "Red Roofs and Vineyards"
Gathering Poppies
 "Gathering Poppies"
 Tuscan Gold
 "Tuscan Gold"
     Buccaneer Trail, Amelia Island
 "Buccaneer Trail, Amelia Island"
 Harvest Time
 "Harvest Time"
Provencal Vineyards 
  "Provencal Vineyards"
Farmhouse in Wheat Fields 
"Farmhouse in Wheat Field"
Les Levandiere 
"Les Levandiere" 
Poppies in the Luberon
"Poppies in the Luberon"