Bonnie’s Expressionistic paintings are totally from her imagination with no pre-planning involved. They are created in a simplified, abstract style with palette knives. The knife allows her to apply thick impasto paint on the canvas that adds a slight three dimensional quality catching a unique play of light on the highly textured surface.

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Head Above Water
  "Head Above Water"
Lost in a Dream 
"Lost in a Dream"
Running Away 
"Running Away"

Dream Dancer 

"Dream Dancer"
Mystical Mood
"Mystical Mood"
Making My Way
"Making My Way"
Thinking it Over
  "Thinking it Over"
Cloud Nine
"Cloud Nine"
Looking Glass Spirits 
"Looking Glass Spirits
Woman of Art 

"Woman of Art"

Hear me Roar 
"Hear me Roar"
Domo Vaquero 
"Domo Vaquero"
Stillness of Patience 
  "Stillness of Patience"
One Step at a Time
 "One Step at a Time"
     Engaging the Viewer
 "Engaging the Viewer"
Queen of Dreams
  "Queen of Dreams"
Jessica's Secrets 
"Jessica's Secrets"
Letting Go 
"Letting Go" 
No Looking Back
"No Looking Back"
Ebony and Ivory 
"Ebony and Ivory"